Stamped Concrete:

Q. What is stamped concrete?

A. Concrete is placed using standard practices and methods that meet ACI guidelines. When in a somewhat plastic stage, imprinting mats are aligned and pressed into the concrete, creating the impression of slate stone, brick and more.

Q. How can color be achieved?

A. Two main methods.
• • Integral color. By this method pre- weighed dissolvable bags are placed into the concrete truck and mixed into the entire load of concrete.
• • Color hardeners. By this method, concrete is placed in the standard way. Color hardener is broadcast onto the surface and floated into the concrete. The top is colored to the depth of 1/8” to 3/16”.

Q. How are different color shades achieved?

A. A method called antiquing is done by applying a second color on top of the integral color. This highlights the textured finish.

Q. Should my decorative concrete be sealed?

A. Yes. We recommend that all stamped concrete be sealed. The sealer is the final step that brings out the full color and promotes proper curing of concrete.

Q. Can I use ice melting salts on stamped concrete?

A. No. Any ice melt product could damage the surface. Dry sand or kitty litter is recommended for traction aid.

(click each image for a larger view)

Stamped concrete running bond brick pattern with red color.

Stamped concrete steps seamless stonetexture.
Stamped concrete walkway seamless stone texture pattern with light brown color.
Stamped concrete patio Ashlar slate pattern with smooth borders light brown integral color.

Stamped concrete patio seamless texture with light brown color.

Stamped concrete walkway running board brick pattern with brick red integral color.

Stamped concrete fieldstone pattern with sandstone integral color.

Stamped concrete Ashlar slate pattern with light brown integral color.

Stamped with seamless texture with brown, green, and charcoal color.

Stamped with seamless texture with green and charcoal colors.

Running Bond brick, steps.

Ashlar Slate with pool.

Cobblestone pattern.

Ashlar slate with stamped brick border.

Seamless stone texture with stained brick border.

Large fieldstone pattern.

Wood plank pattern.

Driveway, broom finished, light brown color.

River rock pattern.

Exposed Aggregate.

Cobblestone close up

River rock, rust color.

Ashlar slate pool, coping with cantilevered edge.

Ashlar slate, pool deck extension.